Rebecca Cook teaching a workshop

Meet Us

Rebecca Cook

Founder / Boss Lady

Rebecca Cook our Founder / Boss Lady and Lead Trainer, our mild mannered powerhouse, our ‘go to’ person on just about everything!  Bec, Sydney born and raised, is a mother, wife and motivated career professional, boasting over 15 years in...
Jason Nightingale

Jason Nightingale

Founder / Opportunities Boss

Jason Nightingale, Founder / Opportunities Boss of Elite Athlete Business School and current Professional Rugby League Player, has been an integral part of the St George Illawarra Dragons since 2007.  Part of the 2010 NRL Premiership team. Affectionately known to...
Elaine Han

Elaine Han

Director of Getting It Done

Elaine Han, the Director of Getting It Done is our stickler for details and organisation.  She’s a barrel of laughs and delivers enthusiasm for providing amazing customer service, planning and co-ordinating. Elaine has had an extensive background in Hospitality, Client...
Christine Keefe

Christine Keefe

Trainer / Assessor

Chris Keefe is our wealth of knowledge and experience. She’s our fabulous Trainer/Assessor and is backed by over 20 years in the Vocational Education field. Also having owned and operated her own business for 15 years, she’s the perfect fit...
Maureen Rocha

Maureen Rocha

Learning Coordinator

Maureen Rocha, or better known as Maursie, is our marvellous Learning Coordinator…we marvel every day at what she brings to EABS/AIBT. Maursie injects the ‘FUN’ in our sessions, all while getting the job done. Come to one of her sessions...

What’s important to us


The Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) family is here to support, encourage and be a lifelong mentor for every one of our athletes who become part of our programs. Just like a family. Camaraderie off the field, bond and lifelong friendships and support network.


Enjoy the journey. Live out their strengths, passion and authenticity. Learning from real people and not out of a textbook. Share experiences and share a laugh.

Make a difference

Helping athletes find their identity off the field and be proud of the unique qualities they bring. Grow in confidence and transfer the skills they already know and do in their sport to the business world. Transition smoothly into life after sport. Take the overwhelm away from retirement.


To take the next steps. To believe in their ability. Confidence in knowing where to find help before making the big decisions. To learn from others mistakes and reach out to their network. To understand they’re not alone.


Practice what we preach. Live and breathe what we preach. Transparency and honesty in all that we do and what we teach in our program. We use guest presenters who are experts in their field to lecture on the topics we are not experts in.