Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) - What we do

We help make the transition from Elite Athlete to real world business an achievable reality. The Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) courses and workshops are designed for the ‘real world’. We want our Elite Athletes to learn from “real” people who are living and breathing business every day, not out of a textbook. Hear from real small business owners and their journeys - we’ve eliminated the need for textbooks.

Both current and retired athletes who share the same goals as other sports professionals educate and train our students. Network, share ideas, and learn from other athletes in our relaxed sessions. Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) empowers our students to succeed and achieve goals on and off the field.  

Our Ethos

We’re here to help Elite Athletes find their confidence and self-belief to expand their horizons outside of professional sport. Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of athletes, to take the overwhelm out of transitioning. To empower athletes to take the next steps towards a successful business.

What’s important to us


The Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) family is here to support, encourage and be a lifelong mentor for every one of our athletes who become part of our programs. Just like a family. Camaraderie off the field, bond and lifelong friendships and support network.


Enjoy the journey. Live out their strengths, passion and authenticity. Learning from real people and not out of a textbook. Share experiences and share a laugh.

Make a difference

Helping athletes find their identity off the field and be proud of the unique qualities they bring. Grow in confidence and transfer the skills they already know and do in their sport to the business world. Transition smoothly into life after sport. Take the overwhelm away from retirement.


To take the next steps. To believe in their ability. Confidence in knowing where to find help before making the big decisions. To learn from others mistakes and reach out to their network. To understand they’re not alone.


Practice what we preach. Live and breathe what we preach. Transparency and honesty in all that we do and what we teach in our program. We use guest presenters who are experts in their field to lecture on the topics we are not experts in.