We’re excited to announce …

Our suite of services is expanding! We’ve just bought another business (because owning one business isn’t enough!) which allows us to offer accredited courses. These are courses where you obtain a qualification, for example Cert IV in Business or Diploma of Business.

It’s still the same fun, family oriented team (aka us!) running these new courses, becuase we own both businesses EABS & AIBT. However, technically speaking all our qualification courses will be run under Australian Institute of Business Training (AIBT) because it’s a registered Training Organisation (RTO).

So going forward, think of EABS as the mothership/ the parent company/ Yoda. Still delivering all workshops, 1:1 coaching sessions, professional development sessions and general athlete business wisdom. Then think of AIBT as our overarching/ advanced daughter company, our registered training organisation, delivering all the accredited courses which result in you achieving a specific qualification.

Our purpose is to empower our students to succeed and achieve their goals both in and outside of thier sport. We’re here to help Elite Athletes find their confidence and self-belief to expand their horizons outside of elite and professional sport. 

What We Offer

All of our Courses and Workshops are specifically tailored to the Elite Athlete;


If you’re interested in receiving a qualification in Business, the Australian Institute of Business Training (RTO no: 41207) offers a Business Program with 2 qualification courses which also can also provide the student a pathway to University.  Please call or email us to discuss how this can aid in your University endeavours.


Australian Institute of Business Training (RTO no: 41207)-  Business Program courses;

Graduate with a BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business

BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business Overview This 22 session course is specifically suited to those who already operate a small business or for those that are intending to operate a small business or for those who are simply interested in learning more about business. Our approach at the Australian Institute of Business Training (RTO no: […]

Graduate with a BSB50215 Diploma of Business

BSB50215 Diploma of Business Overview *Prerequisite – BSB40215 Certificate IV Business* Upon completion of the Australian Institute of Business Training (RTO no: 41207)  BSB40215 Certificate IV  Business, the athletes will have the opportunity to enrol in the Diploma of Business qualification the following year. The Diploma of Business qualification is an advanced business program for […]


Elite Athlete Business School Professional Development Workshops

These 2-3 hour workshops are perfect if you’re just wanting a taster from our Business Programs, or if you are interested in developing your professional skills in athlete specific areas.

The Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) professional development programs are designed for the ‘real world’. We want our Elite Athletes to learn from “real” people who are living and breathing business every day, not out of a textbook.

Our expert educators and successful business professionals, join forces, to deliver practical and interactive workshops that equip Elite Athletes with skills and know-how to thrive in any professional setting. Our reputation is built on the quality of our programs, the flexibility of our delivery and the passion and enthusiasm we bring to every workshop we present.

The Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) short workshops will help athletes gain the skills, advice and confidence to communicate with influence, leverage their personal brand, expand their leadership potential  and understand business basics.

Our confidence building, motivating and dynamic training workshops are memorable and fun! The ultimate objective of our workshops is to create engaging and world class learning environments, where Elite Athletes are challenged, supported and inspired to be the best at what they do both on and off the field.


Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) – Business Workshops include;

Presentation Skills Workshop

Present with confidence, influence and purpose. In 2 x 3 hour workshops, Elite Athletes will learn the skills needed to present with confidence or become an influential keynote speaker. Dynamic and engaging facilitators, will provide the athletes with the tools to nail their next presentation! Outcomes for the athlete: Equip participants with the skills to […]

Personal Branding Workshop

“Take Your Brand to the Next Level” The Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) Personal Branding and Social Media workshop will help you become the athlete who positively influences others and who people passionately follow. The value of the “athlete” brand influences marketability, popularity, awareness and can lead to career opportunities long after retirement. For too […]

Leadership Essentials Workshop

“Making Good Decisions” Our “Making Good Decisions” workshop will equip Athletes with the skills to transition from being a mate to a leader. In this customised and practical 2 x 3-hour workshop, athletes will improve their awareness of self and others; learn to regulate their emotions and build positive relationships, providing the first level of […]

Money Matters

Legal and Money Matters This user-friendly workshop simplifies many aspects of money and money management. The workshop will cover the critical topics for both personal and business finance.   Outcomes for the athlete: Learn how to recognise and change your unsupportive habits or beliefs that sabotage your financial success Learn budgeting tips and techniques to […]

Time Management

Optimising Your Time and Energy This workshop will equip you with the time management skills and tools to plan, prioritise and organise your personal life so you are able to complete your tasks and goals more efficiently. Outcomes: Identify your major time wasters and learn how to control the use of your time Learn to use […]

Conversations for Success

“The game changing benefits of networking” Networking Skills “Conversations for Success” is a practical and interactive workshop that equips Elite Athletes with the skills and know-how to thrive in any professional networking setting. In this workshop, the athlete will learn networking tips on how to go from awkward to awesome and build powerful networks and […]

Media Skills Workshop

Refresh your interview and media skills Workshop Duration Min. Participants Max. Participants Media Skills refresher Workshop 1 x 2 hour workshop *prerequisite – must have attended the ‘Presentation Skills Workshop’ prior to this workshop 4 8 *The maximum number of participants for each workshop is 8. If you have more than 8 participants, we will […]

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

The Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) Taking Your Business to the Next Level workshop is for Elite Athletes who have a start-up business in the early stages of the business life cycle and are interested in the growth and scaling of business. This workshop is a compact summary of how you get to where you […]

Business Taster Workshop

The Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) Business Taster workshop is designed for the Elite Athlete who is throwing around the idea of starting a business but not sure where to start. Starting a business can be one of the most daunting and often scariest things to commit to. Entrepreneurship is a hard option; with no […]