Kristy Harris

Boxing athlete. Psychological Science student. LifeLine Community Custodian. Strength and Conditioning Coach. Motivational speaker. Victorian Institute of Sport scholarship holder.

1:1 Coaching and Storytelling

‘One word: Awesome. The both of you!

My sessions with Bec have been amazing. From the very first session, I found Bec to be very affable, which enabled me to feel comfortable in speaking openly and honestly about all aspects of my life, so we could pinpoint the key messages for my stories. In every session I have been inspired, excited and learnt a lot of valuable lessons that I can see have already made a significant, positive impact on my presentations.

Both Elaine and Bec have been great communicators and a pleasure to work with. Since having my sessions with Bec, I have become even more passionate about presenting and look forward to bringing my new and improved presentations to the table.   ‘…you both have really been great to work with! I appreciate everything, I’ve really become even more passionate about presenting…’