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Reach Your Potential Program

This program is ideal for athletes who wish to:

  • Learn the skills you need to thrive in this new and changing world
  • Discover the transferable knowledge and skills you may not realise you have
  • Elevate your performance on the field AND Reach Your Potential in all areas of life.

Why Choose This Course:

Did you know ‘soft skill’ intensive occupations will account for ⅔ of all jobs by 2030?

  • Identify your current “soft skills” as an athlete and turn them into your future skills  
  • This program is designed to deliver topics that really matter to YOU in 2022 and beyond



TOPIC 1 Be the Best I can Be - Master your Identity

TOPIC 2 Perform at My Best - Master your Mindset

TOPIC 3 My Competitive Advantage - Master your Brand

TOPIC 4 Millionaire Mindset - Master your Money

TOPIC 5 Gather Your Tribe - Master your Relationships

TOPIC 6 Leave No Stone Unturned - Master your Career Potential

Outcomes For the Athlete

  • Learn strategies to let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace your unique self
  • Develop and act on proven goal setting principles that will take your life to the next level
  • Discover techniques to power up your mindset for performance
  • Develop strategies to replace procrastination with your own personal success habits  
  • Implement 5 easy steps to build a personal brand that is authentic, and you are proud of  (even if you are an introvert!)
  • Learn how to use social media effectively and authentically  
  • Gain clarity in your current financial situation and learn to plan & organise your finances
  • Communicate with influence and learn the techniques to build and maintain relationships 
  • Explore further skill requirements and create a road map to navigate your career transition  
  • Turn the “soft skills” into “strong skills” – accountability, leadership, decision making and emotional judgement, critical thinking, giving and receiving feedback, 

Reach Your Potential

Live Zoom sessions (border closures and lockdown restrictions are no barrier!)

12 weeks (1 x 2-hour session per week)


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