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Conversations For Success

A modern day approach to Networking through relationships

“Conversations For Success” is a practical and interactive workshop that equips Elite Athletes with the skills and know-how to thrive in any professional networking setting.

In this workshop, the Athlete will learn networking tips on how to go from awkward to awesome and build powerful networks and deepen current relationships. The Athletes will become more confident in connecting with people outside their comfort circle, learn how to leverage networks and maximise long-term opportunities.

This workshop will develop the communication skills that are crucial for success in all areas of life both as an Athlete and in future career opportunities.

Whether you’re an athlete, employee, a consultant or freelancer, or even unemployed, networking is a vital skill for achieving any kind of goal or dream. Networking at its core is about people and developing meaningful connections. Learn how to deepen relationships and create a rich mutual network and new doors will always open.

This is true whether you’re looking to get ahead in your sporting career, or off field career or wanting to make a bigger impact, or even just surround yourself with more inspiring, positive people.

In this program, you will learn why your success relies on the strength of your relationships.

Outcomes For the Athlete

  • Learn the game changing benefits of networking
  • Practice questioning techniques to start and engage in an effective conversation
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships and networks through building deep connections
  • Increase your professional networks and learn to leverage your unlimited off–field opportunities (the authentic way)
  • Overcome the myths of networking and understand the authentic pillars of networking
  • Develop a mindset of optimism and opportunity when attending any function
  • Learn how to engage with fans/corporates/members and mutually benefit from this connection
  • Identify and overcome communication barriers
  • Develop a strong plan and your 5-step personal networking strategy that will lead to success

Networking Skills - Conversations for Success

Live Zoom sessions (border closures and lockdown restrictions are no barrier!)

1 x 2hr session


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