Presentation Skills Workshop

Present with confidence, influence and purpose.

In 2 x 3 hour workshops, Elite Athletes will learn the skills needed to present with confidence or become an influential keynote speaker. Dynamic and engaging facilitators, will provide the athletes with the tools to nail their next presentation!

Outcomes for the athlete:

  • Equip participants with the skills to present any message with confidence, professionalism, influence and purpose
  • Learn to deliver a presentation that makes an impact
  • Develop a clear purpose and structure for a presentation
  • Learn to use body language to deliver a memorable message
  • Learn to use the voice to maximise audience attention and engagement
  • Practice and apply scientifically proven strategies to minimise nerves and overcome fear when presenting or speaking to a group
  • Learn how to create maximum impact using storytelling, making deep connections and engaging the audience‚Äôs emotions
  • Learn to present passionately and authentically to engage, inspire, influence and motivate an audience of all sizes
  • Receive detailed feedback on two presentations
  • Observe their filmed presentation and complete Self-Assessment questions
Workshop Duration Min.
Presentation Skills Workshop 2 x 3 hour workshops 4 8

*The maximum number of participants for each workshop is 8. If you have more than 8 participants, we will run multiple workshops

*If there are enough numbers to run more than one workshop, we will offer a discounted rate