Personal Branding Workshop

“Take Your Brand to the Next Level”

The Elite Athlete Business School (EABS) Personal Branding and Social Media workshop will help you become the athlete who positively influences others and who people passionately follow. The value of the “athlete” brand influences marketability, popularity, awareness and can lead to career opportunities long after retirement.

For too long now, athletes have been told what “not to do” on social media. Yet, the world is evolving and the new age of technology is bringing an increasing number of opportunities to those who are using it effectively.

“We don’t have a choice whether we are on social media, the question is how we do it”

In this 2 x 3-hour workshop, you will learn the benefits of using social media and how to commercialise your brand. Our expert social media presenter will show you where to start, and give you a step by step plan on how to effectively engage followers and positively influence the broader community.

Personal Branding and Social Media Workshops

Outcomes for the athlete:

  • Understand how sponsors evaluate prospective athletes and develop a personal commercial strategy to position yourself in front of the market
  • Understand how to be your authentic self through uncovering your unique skills, strengths, and values that align with the legacy you want to leave
  • Understand how developing a strong personal brand benefits you personally, professionally and the Club you represent
  • Learn what you “can do” on social media and “how to do it” effectively
  • Learn how to craft, develop and reignite your own brand identity and learn how to take control of your personal brand and not leave it up to chance
  • Develop strategies on how to use each of the social media platforms to broadcast professional key messages
  • Learn how to use social media as a networking tool to increase positive connections for future career opportunities
  • Understand how sponsors evaluate prospective athletes and develop a personal commercial strategy to position yourself in front of the market
Workshop Duration Min.
Personal Branding Workshop 2 x 3 hour workshops (inc. guest speaker) 4 8

*The maximum number of participants for each workshop is 8. If you have more than 8 participants, we will run multiple workshops

*If there are enough numbers to run more than one workshop, we will offer a discounted rate