Money Matters

Legal and Money Matters

This user-friendly workshop simplifies many aspects of money and money management. The workshop will cover the critical topics for both personal and business finance.  

Outcomes for the athlete:

  • Learn how to recognise and change your unsupportive habits or beliefs that sabotage your financial success
  • Learn budgeting tips and techniques to set your money priorities and find the right balance between spending and saving
  • Start planning for when your bills are due, learn how to pay your bills and understand the consequences of not paying bills
  • Understand the basics of a rental agreement and the paperwork involved – bond deposit, rent in advance, completing an application form, inspections, etc
  • Learn the basics of a tax return and why it’s important to do one
Workshop Duration Min.
Legal & Money Matters 2 x 3-hour workshop
(Inc. Guest Speaker)
6 8

** This workshop can be broken into 1 x 3-hour workshop with a focus on personal “money matters” eg budgeting and habits OR the workshop can be delivered in more detail in 2 x 3 – hour workshops with all the above life skills and “legal matters” included.