Leadership Essentials Workshop

“Making Good Decisions”

Our “Making Good Decisions” workshop will equip Athletes with the skills to transition from being a mate to a leader. In this customised and practical 2 x 3-hour workshop, athletes will improve their awareness of self and others; learn to regulate their emotions and build positive relationships, providing the first level of leadership to the team.

Outcomes for the Athlete:

  • Understand why Emotional Intelligence is essential for leaders to maximise performance, make effective decisions, enhance their influence and resilience, improve communication and create strong relationships
  • Develop self-awareness of emotions and moods and how they impact thoughts, decisions, behaviours and interactions with others
  • Identify how to work more collaboratively and cohesively to improve team leadership capabilities
  • Learn the decision-making tools, techniques and models that will assist in making the right decision
  • Learn how to become confident in your own decision making ability
Workshop Duration Min.
“Leadership Essentials Workshop” 2 x 3-hour workshop
(Inc. Guest Speaker)
6 8